Mortgage Services

Home Loans

It’s easy to get lost while navigating all the different types of mortgage loans available. Wether its your first home or you are moving up the ladder, we can arrange your home loan from a bank of your choice. Contact us to find out how much loan and deposit requirement are you eligible for. We can also structure your loan to suit your needs i.e. how much may be fixed, flexible and/or floating loan accounts.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Interest rates keep changing often. For more certainty and financial planning, you may want to fix the interest rate and your loan instalments. We keep abreast with interest rate trends and keep in touch with various banks. We can help you find the best mortgage interest rates and also help you re-fix your existing home loan.

Revolving and Floating

If you'd like to repay some part of the loan earlier but aren't sure,  we can consider keeping it in a revolving and/or floating loan facility. It can help customize your repayments to suit your specific needs and financial situation. Revolving home loans give you the flexibility to offset your ongoing savings against your loan and at the same time allowing you to access them as and when required. Contact us to find out whether this would be a good fit for your needs.

Construction Loans & Renovation

Construction loans for a new house may require less deposit than loans older house properties. Or, you may need one to extend or renovate your existing property. Different banks have different rules and processes for disbursing the loan amount as construction progresses. We can help you make an educated decision.

Business Loans

Business loans secured against a house property often carry less interest rates than other business loans. However, they also carry the risk of being recoverable against the house property. Depending on your unique situation and needs you may want to avail of this facility. For e.g. if you have equity available on your investment property, you may want to evaluate the option. We can help you find what you may be eligible for and the terms being offered by a bank that suits your needs.

Commercial Loans

If you intend to buy a commercial property, you may be able to get a loan secured against it. At times you may be able to enjoy lower interest rates by using the equity of a residential house property. Contact us to know your options.

Refinance existing loan

If you are not happy with your existing lender, we can advice you on the different options available in the market that suit your needs better. We can highlight the important differences so you its easier for you to select your lender without running around yourself.

Debt Consolidation

We can help you save a lot of interest on your personal and unsecured debts by requesting the bank for a debt consolidation loan secured against your residential property. Many advertised debt consolidation loans are unsecured and hence, carry higher rates of interest. However, you need to be financially prudent about it. We can help you understand your options based on your financial situation and goals.

Mortgage Restructuring

You can choose to split your loans into different types - fixed, floating and/or flexible. It helps home owners balance their needs, goals and ability to commit to a fixed instalment. If used judiciously it can help you pay off your mortgage faster. We can help you restructure your mortgage to suit your goals.