Get Mortgage-Free Faster

We will review your financial position and goals to restructure your mortgage. It may involve carefully splitting your mortgage into a mix of revolving, floating and fixed home loan facilities. This way you can offset your surplus income and savings against the loan. It can help save heaps of interest cost without increasing the loan instalment.

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Your Mortgage, Your Terms

We will take the time to work out the best deal for you. When you choose to take out a mortgage, or refinance your existing mortgage with us, we do it on your terms. We're committed to getting you competitive interest rates and market leading cash backs.

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Do What You Love Sooner

Taking out a mortgage can help you achieve your property dreams, but a lingering mortgage can also hold you back from pursuing new goals. If you want to pay off your mortgage sooner, we're here to help. Talk to us about our repayment options, and find financial freedom sooner with Penguin Finance.