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Get Better Interest Rates

We understand that the interest rate on your mortgage is very important to you. It can have a big impact on how quickly you are able to pay off your loan. We will put in our best effort and leverage our relationships with lenders to get the best deal for you. We're committed to getting you competitive interest rates and market leading cash backs.

Keep Control of Your Mortgage

Handling any loan responsibly means being able to stay on top of payments, and manage your interest. When interest rates are too high, debt can stack up quickly. At Penguin Finance, we see it as our responsibility to help our customers secure an interest rate that works for them. With us, you're in control of your mortgage, not the other way around.

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A Wide Range of Lenders to Choose From

When it comes to getting the perfect loan for you, it pays to have options. Penguin Finance can connect our customers to a wide range of lenders, ensuring you get the deal you've been dreaming of. If you're looking to lower your interest rate, or if there's anything else that's really important for your mortgage, we'll make it happen.